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Intro duction


A Painless Journey........


Hospice is a project that has the objective to give relief to sick persons for whom the medical fraternity offers no scope for containing or curing the disease that has taken advanced stage in the patient. In the city of Chennai to our knowledge free palliative care centres do not exist for providing asylum to such terminally ill, discarded poor cancer patients. Such patients need and deserve better personal attention in the form of pain management, quality and nutritional food in addition to an emotional support. These patients do not have long duration to survive and their end is imminent may be by few weeks or few months.


Our Birth

It is in this context we took the initiative and commissioned a free hospice called Srimatha Cancer Care in April 2013 in a rented premise at Indira Nagar, Chennai – 20. Here we admit such patients and give them shelter, food, pain management, and medical needs totally at free of cost. We have retained a well qualified support team to take care of the needs of our inmates.

Our Profile

Now patients have started reporting from all parts of Tamil Nadu. We do our best and provide them totally free services till they survive. When the end comes to these poor patients, at the request of their family members, we also perform their last rites in accordance with the patient’s religious faiths.This service of giving relief and solace to the poor dying cancer patients, is being managed only from and out of generous contributions from general public.We seek donation from good souls and desire very much that they also become a part of this noble service and get the unsolicited blessings of the suffering poor beneficiaries to them and to their families.

Our Dream Project

A dream does not turn into a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard-work. We in Srimatha cancer care stay focused and are pursuing our dreams and in the process moving to achieve our goals.

Our vision is to enlarge our service activities and lift them to higher scales through the proposed state of the art facility being constructed by our Trust at Thoraipakkam. Our intention is to provide the Srimatha cancer care inmates with a world class facility that are normally affordable only by the affluent. With this noble objective, and with the noble assistance of donors and well wishers, haven is being created at the Thoraipakkam site acquired by the Trust. The required CMDA’S planning permit had been abtained and the building is slowly rising on the site.

We fervently seek everyone’s co-operation and financial assistance towards the great cause. The great cause. The estimated construction per sq.ft area with required facilities would be around Rs.2,500/- All are welcome to contribute as many sq.ft they wish to sponsor and assist us in completing the project at the earliest.

Those who are donating a minimum of 100 sq.ft. (Rs.2,50,000/-) in memory of their dear ones would have their names suitably inscribed in our new hospice premises enabling the future generations to know about their philanthropic contributions towards this noble cause.The willing donor may kindly draw the cheque in favour of “SRIMATHA CANCER CARE” and mail the same to No.466, 3rd Avenue, Indira Nagar, Chennai – 600020.Donations to our Trust in exempted U/s 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act.